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Carney Saves the World

Scott Carney

Welcome to “Carney Saves the World”.  I’m your host, Scott Carney.  I’m a former stand-up comedian & actor, with a degree in Political Science.  Oh, and I’m an almost 50yr old only-child/ man-child.  So, you can probably see where I’m going with all of this.

Each episode, I’ll pick the brains of some of the best & brightest entrepreneurs, artists, and creative minds that I know.  We’ll dive into what got them started down their chosen paths, how they actually got their start and what their motivation is to keep going in their massively competitive industries.

The name for the podcast comes from a dig my wife hits me with all the time when I think I’m right about all subjects.  “Oh, Carney’s going to save the world again!”  
Well, maybe it’s time we did just that.   Come on, let's go save the world.